Orchard Danków

Established in 1911 by Romuald Wenda, Sad Danków (Orchard Danków) started from growing apples and grain.  Generations have past since Romuald planted the first seed and as a result our orchard has grown.  Today it is in the final process of becoming a full ecologically certified farm.


Areas currently under plantation:

  • 12 hectares in apples
  • 5 hectares in pears
  • 2 hectares in cherries
  • 5 hectares in plums
  • 16 hectares in black currents
  • 3 hectares in red currents
  • 6 hectares in gooseberry


We offer several varieties of apples with characteristics providing colour, firm texture, and hard skin.  These fruits ripen nicely and especially have very good taste thanks in part to the elimination of herbicides and pesticides.

Control on our farm is monitored by unit (PNG sp. Z.o.o. nr PL-EKO-02).  Eco Certificate due – 2011.